Two days

After the election I thought things might calm down. How wrong I was. I know not everyone is as consumed as I by what passes for politics in this nation, but the constantly breaking news surely has a deleterious effect, even while we try to ignore it.

In just two days we've seen the firing of the attorney general and appointment of an "acting" who may not last a week, given his previously recorded words and tarnished reputation. We have a president arguing with and insulting members of the press and pulling credentials (and also lying, but that goes without saying). We have another horrific mass slaughter of innocents, and now in California we have two town-destroying fires. Oh, and ballots are still uncounted in Florida, California, and Georgia.

Yes, of course I'm happy about the new House Democrats—a wonderfully varied group who I hope  will get to work doing what they were elected to do; preferably in a bipartisan manner. But one happy event, great as it is, pales in the face of our ongoing news cycle.

It was my determined purpose to cut back on news after the election. And I have. But not enough, apparently. So forgive me this rant; I'm done now. The universe may not want to give us a break but I'm taking one anyway—I'm going for a walk. You should probably do the same.