The view from the porch

I had my coffee on the porch this morning but the warming sunshine called so I did three loops around the lake, where there are still baby ducks to see, and goslings. They are growing fast, but still observant of their parent's wishes. I watched a Canada goose family sail across the water; mom in front and dad in back and between, in a perfectly straight line, five young geese, almost grown. It was a sight to make you smile, and their undeviating line was strangely comforting. Here at least was an orderly world, going about its business just as it should.

Our human world isn't particularly comforting at present. The president's statement Thursday that of course he would accept help from a foreign country has kept the media and twitterers spinning. At least he's being honest for a change. But we still have tariffs and kids in cages and the ongoing impeachment debate, to name just three of a host of ills.

But there is comfort here in the warm breeze and nature's surrounding green. There is hope in the bountiful selection of capable Democratic candidates, in the growing acknowledgement of the climate crisis, and so much more. I try to remember that it is not the world that makes me happy or sad, it is my thoughts about the world. It is how I choose to see it. So for the moment at least, I choose to see the world as a welcoming, comfortable porch where magic dwells, and only good can enter.