Summer's end

Russian Sage in August

Russian Sage in August

We've had a slew of company since I last wrote; this is turning into one of our busiest summers ever. I like it though. I like showing visitors from far away around our beautiful state; I like warm evenings on the patio with old friends and a glass of wine; I like catching up on their news and seeing how over the years our lives connect, divide, and reconnect. There is a steadiness provided by old friends that is welcome in this world of change, and we have been welcoming it with pleasure all summer.

But August is nearly gone and one can sense fall in the cooler mornings, the changing light, and the anxious tourists eager to squeeze one last adventure from the summer. I'm not ready for fall, and it doesn't help that school is starting earlier than usual this year and that the 2016 election dominates the news, despite the fact that it's 15 months away, in November. Talking about it makes me think of turkey dressing and rain clouds. With a chance of snow. I feel as though I'm already a year older.

This is an important election though, and my overarching concern is of global warming and what we can do about it. Unfortunately none of the questions at the Republican debate a few weeks ago addressed that topic. Indeed they addressed very little of importance and though the questions were reasonably good, there was not one about the current debate on the Iran agreement; no questions about the Trans Pacific Partnership, about the high cost of college and the burden it's putting on young people. No questions about the growing, dangerous divide between the rich and the rest of us. Nor were there answers about anything that weren't simplistic in the extreme.

It's easy to despair over the lack of seriousness and gravitas at such events, so I am thankful for Mr. Trump's hair, which continues to puzzle and delight me. I'm impressed by the amount of vanity it must take to concoct a hairdo like that and I'm sure he spends far more time "doing" his hair each morning than I do. But at least his is entertaining.

This last month of summer has brought terrible fires to the northwest, far worse than what might be considered normal. There are none near Sisters, thank goodness, but smoke drifts in and out of town; some days worse, some days not at all. And rain is expected over the weekend; only a 40% chance at the moment, but we'll take it, we'll take it. On Monday the rain will disappear and the last guests of the season will arrive for a four-day visit. We're looking forward to catching up over a glass of wine on the patio. And after they're gone? Well, I guess I'll try to look forward to snow.