It's January, again

Can it be 2017 already? Can 2016, that annus horribilis really be over and done? Apparently so. I am still coming to terms with living in the 2000s which were the distant future when I was young, a future of commonplace space travel, flying cars and endless work-saving gadgets—a world of boundless blessings for all.

I see little of that dream in this new year 2017. Our striving for future perfect has brought us pretty tchotchkes and endless gadgets, which possibly save time or work but surely add frustration. We can be thankful for medical breakthroughs and—despite the hateful rhetoric on the right—a growing acceptance of others and "otherness," but we are losing our planet and the core of our humanity.

For me at least, that core is an acknowledged connection to the natural world and all it encompasses. It's depressing that our new leader(s) seems to believe the core of humanity is money.

Despite the drama of the election and the approaching endless spectacles of the new, ethics-deprived administration, I remain hopeful for 2017. There are so many people and groups,* working to make our country and the planet a better place. I believe we'll see a return to valuing and supporting local government at the city, county, and state levels, which is a first step in reforming Washington. I hope we'll see strong support for the environment and solar energy initiatives across the globe.

No matter what happens on the broader scale of human endeavor, it will be the daily actions of each of us that will be most relevant. 2017 is bound to bring unpleasant surprises but if we focus on now and do the work in front of us, we can weather any storm.


Happy New Year!

*Here are just a few groups doing great work. All can use your support.

Fight for Reform
Our Revolution
Wall of Us
League of Conservation Voters
Honor the Earth
Sierra Club
Rainforest Rescue
Committee to Project Journalists (with thanks to Meryl Streep)