August slow


August is the laziest month of the year. There's plenty of time to sit in the shade and read a book or simply sit and watch the world go by. Plenty of time to take an evening stroll though the neighborhood, or a long walk by a river. Nothing should be rushed in August.

 Zoé the cat is proof of August's power. Each day as the temperature begins to rise she repairs to the porch and stretches out on the settee. The hotter it gets the better she likes it. Sometimes she hardly moves from 9 to 9.

I have been trying to imitate her, but of course I have to go out and buy food for both of us occasionally, and sometimes other tasks demand my attention. Still, I'm doing pretty well for a human. I started the month lying in a hammock strung between two fir trees, and with the requisite vacation reading I managed to remain prone for days. 

Yesterday I went to the Japanese Garden. It was cool under the trees and the sound of water falling over rock was soothing. I heard many languages, and watched as families and friends posed smiling for photographs. When I got home Zoé hadn't moved, but I felt better for the outing.

I hope you can find time to enjoy some August peace. September and its to-do lists can wait a few weeks longer. And so can the constantly changing panoply of characters in the news. 

It's summer. It's August. Take a break; the world will wait.