Bits and pieces

Yes, it's been awhile since I last wrote, but I've been busy writing a novel (!) and getting ready for a two-month trip through some of the West's most beautiful national parks. We leave in a month. I will try to post photos of the trip, if nothing else.

As for the novel, it's a new experience for me, a dedicated nonfiction writer. I've made a stab at short story writing in the past and quickly realized it was a mistake—probably because I've never cared for short stories. I'm a fast reader and short stories are like eating one chocolate chip in place of the whole cookie—or cake. Almost always disappointing. I prefer long novels that I can get deeply involved with.

One of my favorite writers is Elizabeth George. Not only does she offer satisfying mysteries with complex characters, she writes very long books. The last one I read was 953 pages. I don't claim to match George in talent or imagination, but I'm guessing that whatever it is I'm writing is going to be long. I don't know if it will ever see publication but I'm finding it a deeply satisfying project, as well as entertaining. So when you come to this page and see nothing new, that's why.

It was nice to wake to sunshine this morning—it's been raining and gray here the last few days—but the first thing I saw on opening my iPad was the news that SCOTUS has given our plutocracy a pat on the back and encouraged it to grow, grow, grow. It's shocking that our democracy is degrading so quickly and in such a manner. Only a constitutional amendment has the power to halt this rush to the bottom, and that takes political will. Does it exist? Maybe. If we all stop doing what we usually do and pay attention, and vote, and march, and tell our leaders what we think, maybe we can recoup our lost democracy. Or we can just keep doing what we're doing and let the world's greatest experiment in self-governing die. Looks like a clear choice to me.

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