A quick trip to California

Cousin Kay hugs an olive.

Cousin Kay hugs an olive.

I just returned from five days in northern California, visiting relatives with my daughter and granddaughter. We enjoyed ourselves despite the rain, and the darkness emanating from Washington. I had been dreading the release of Muller's report so it wasn't terribly surprising when Barr issued his "no obstruction" letter and Trump began crowing. I was lucky, however, to be surrounded by people who love me, so the punch in the gut was a little less painful.

The trip itself was typical of our family gatherings; lots of laugher, lots of stories, good food of course, and never enough time. My daughter Jennifer has a habit of searching out roadside attractions, so one day we visited the Penny Candy store in Live Oak, and on another the giant martini olive outside Corning, "the olive capitol of the world." This was after we went wine tasting at the New Clairvaux winery and before we saw Captain Marvel. I can recommend all but the candy store, which Jennifer and I found grim, with too many rules, but Melina found amazing. It all depends on your point of view.

The trip home was quick and easy and so was Lyft after I remembered to log into wifi and turn off airplane mode (Why isn't this damn phone working?) Eventually I made it home, to a hungry cat and a condo that could use some cleaning.

Trips like this are always welcome interruptions, and it was good to touch again the landscape that formed me. Curiously, I never miss it until I'm there. Back in Oregon I wonder if I could live there again, and decide the answer is no. Oregon is home. It's also about as far as one can get from DC. And that's a very good thing.