A new view

The view from our new windows is of trees—deciduous and evergreen. Zoé's spot on the wall reveals a street not far away, but it's a private street and there aren't many cars. Unlike Zoé, I prefer to stand back and see only green. I miss our garden, but there's plenty of room here for large and small pots and in a few years, if I have my way, the balcony itself will be full of flowers and greenery.

This move was a challenge on many levels. Still, we're here and settled, finally. I've been busy painting walls and moving furniture and trying to find room for all the things we had to have when we left Sisters—a good portion of which have already gone to Goodwill. And although our little condo is very different from our house in Sisters, it's a good perch for us, and every day it feels more like home. There's still painting and other fixes to do, but nothing that can't wait while we recoup our energy and adjust to life in the big city.

Big thanks to those who keep coming back to the blog. Enjoy the rest of your summer and check back soon. I won't promise anything, but life is full of surprises.