Holiday hiatus

Just when you think everything is falling into place and you're starting to get happily organized, along come the holidays to screw everything up. Not that I dislike holidays, but they're hard on us organizationally challenged. Fall is always a rush with three family birthdays plus Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's to accommodate, and I lurch from one to another in celebratory overload and a sugar high. And why is it that every year I say, "this year we're keeping things simple," and that never happens?

To help relieve the pressure I'm taking a hiatus here, and will return with more stunning prose after the first of the year.

A big thank you to everyone who comes back repeatedly to read my words, and thanks too to those who stumble over this blog in search of something else. I value every one of you.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, 
and a joyful New Year to each of you. 
May your celebrations be filled with good will and good cheer, 
and may love abound in your life. 
See you next year!