Time flies . . .

I hadn't realized it had been so long since I last wrote until I accidentally loaded Random Vectors just now. So this is a quick note to say, yes, I'm still here and I do intend to get back to a regular schedule soon—I hope.

That poor masthead monkey looks a little out of place now, surrounded as we are by pine trees and snowy weather and I guess replacing him will be my first task. It's hard to believe we were ever in Costa Rica, so much has changed since our return.

As of Saturday March third we are officially Sisters residents and though we're surrounded by boxes and mess and half painted rooms we are happy to be here. The house is smaller than our last, which means some things will have to go and that's always good. Choosing could be tough, but simplify, simplify, right?

Today we made a good start on the paperwork every move necessitates, but there's more to do before we can relax. I begrudge every minute not spent painting or unpacking boxes, but a move involves much more and a lot of it isn't fun. Today Ray made good headway through stacks of paper (at least they are in orderly piles) and I sat on the floor and refiled everything that fell out during the move.

Zoé is here too, retrieved the end of last week so our little family is settling in nicely. Sisters promises a wealth of activities and lots to write about so you'll be hearing more just as soon as I can find my desk.