Honoring Mom

Cecile Rozel Coffin was both 22 June 1910 in Topeka, Kansas, and died 3 June 2006 in Eugene Oregon. She was a lovely woman, kind and gracious, much loved by family and friends, very bright, a little shy, and overly sensitive. She was a wonderful mother, though I was never able to convince her of that, no matter what I said. Cecile was never satisfied with Cecile. I loved her dearly, of course, and miss her every day. Here are a few of my favorite photos of her.

Taken for the announcement of her marriage, 1938.

With Dad, shortly after their marriage.

With my cousin Kay and me in Chico, CA.

In London, 1962.
The two of us spent a wonderful three weeks together in Amsterdam and London.

Sharing a laugh with Jennifer and Dad, early 80s, Ashland, OR

4th of July with her family, Eugene, 2002.

And to all the mothers in my life, bless you. You are deserving of only the best. Happy Mother's day!