We'll be goin' around the mountain

I've been consumed all week with the news coming out of Egypt, reading blogs, tweets, Facebook, and even newspapers. I've particularly enjoyed Nicholas Kristof's humane reporting from Tahrir Square. And despite the violent attacks and the criminal harassment of reporters, it feels like a good thing. I hope the Egyptian people continue to demand democracy until they get it, and I hope this country supports them in that effort.

Between reading tweets and watching Aljazeera English (live streaming) I've been frantically trying to ready the house and the Casita for a trip to southern California—with Ray's help, of course. The trailer developed a moderate case of mildew/mold that meant several of the cabinets had to be emptied and thoroughly cleaned and everything in the cabinets ditto. This did not help our schedule. We made good progress today, though, and we should be ready to leave tomorrow. (We also have to leave the house looking clean and happy because shoppers will be looking. Keep your fingers crossed.)

I doubt we'll find much wifi or cell service in Death Valley, but if we do I'll post some photos. If not, just imagine us enjoying that amazing sunshine, pedaling our bikes down the road, hiking through the hills, or sitting with a book and a beer and a beautiful view. You won't be far wrong.