The sun shone through most of my morning walk so it was a surprise to suddenly feel rain in my hair and to see it splashing in last night's puddles. I tilted my head back and looked up, straight into clear blue sky. A few cumulus clouds drifted nearby, and streaky wisps of white. But these were certainly not rain clouds. To keep the rain out of my eyes I put my sunglasses on and looked again. Yes, that was rain all right, coming straight down out of nothing but blue sky.

I know climate change is creating some weird effects, but this was a little much. Maybe, I thought, I've become one of those cartoon characters who walk around under a rain cloud all day. Sometimes it feels that way. Or maybe the Chinese are exporting a new form of water torture—they export everything else. Or, possibly it's a new talent that I can sell to parched desert communities!

I was pondering this great new money-making scheme when Ray returned with the mail to say the mailman had experienced the same thing—and there went the money.

At least I didn't make it up (I do sometimes).