To the beach!

There are few things better in Oregon than heading to the beach on a sunny winter day. We took advantage of a break in the weather and drove over, pulling our house behind us. I think in my next life I'll be a turtle. I love having home with me wherever I go. 

We spent three days at Point Lookout State Park, walking, reading, and eating. The first two days were windless and a fair 65 degrees; Sunday afternoon it rained. But that was okay; rain at the beach is a lot more fun than rain at home. Why is that?

The beach edges a long peninsula, stretching north toward Cape Meares.

The erosion along this stretch is dramatic, despite efforts to control it.

The only shell on the beach.

Beachcombing with a view.

The road less traveled.

It's Casita time!

Sunday we hiked uphill toward Cape Lookout. 

This is where I start to get nervous.

Too bad we couldn't coast back to camp.

We made it back just as the rains came, so we tucked ourselves inside and played dominos. And by 10 a.m. Monday we were home; back to the sights and sounds of approaching spring, to the cry of geese overhead, to yellow tulips in pots and the fat blue heron in the field. And, so quickly, winter days at the coast are just a memory.