A Melina Kind of Day

We’ve been blessed with a few days of glorious spring weather, so when Melina and Jennifer drove down yesterday we had plenty of sunshine in which to play. They brought Melina’s bike, so after lunch, with Jennifer on Ray’s spare, the four of us toured the wide, quiet streets of our neighborhood. I usually think boring when I consider our neighborhood, but I confess it’s a great place for kids to play.

After a good ride, with so many circuits around the “village green” I was getting dizzy, we headed to a neighborhood park. While we sat on the grass and visited, Melina ran, climbed, swung and slid, and then did it all over again. When she couldn't shimmy up the pole to the cross bars she simply shed her skirt and shoes and tried again. Determination always wins.

After that it was off to the ice cream store and a visit to the park across the street, where M promptly climbed about 15 feet to the top of the old iron jungle gym, among other things. Then it was home for a rest—for us, not Melina. After catching up on the health-care news and sharing a few books, we set out on foot for dinner at Burgerville (M’s favorite), with a geo-caching stop along the way at another park with yet another chance to climb another jungle gym.

Bike riding, ice cream cones, geo-caching, three playgrounds, and a Burgerville dinner: an almost-five-year-old’s vision of a perfect day.

(And I'm making more room in my schedule for ice cream and bike rides, ’cause I thought it was pretty perfect too.)