Casita redux

We drove down to Bermuda Dunes, California a couple of weeks ago and picked up our new-used (2009) Casita. This is our second go at owning a small trailer and we think we'll keep this one awhile. The trip down was a mad dash, a thousand miles in two days, but we made up for it with a seven-day stay at Joshua Tree National Park, just 20 miles from the Casita's old home.

Joshua Tree is a well-used park and we were there over a busy three-day weekend, but it was still beautiful and quiet and sunny, and we look forward to going back again. Here are some photos from our visit.

Our first campsite at Jumbo Rocks campground. 
All 124 sites were full over the weekend--as were all sites in the park. 
After the crowds dispersed on Monday we moved to another campground.

A typical view in the park.

On the trail to 49 Palms Oasis.

Four fault lines cross at this location, pushing water upward.

Get your tee-shirts here! Just outside the park.

Lots of climbers use (overuse?) the park.

Do you see the face?

Our second site, at Belle campground. Much smaller, much quieter.

The reservoir at Barker Dam; built by early cattle ranchers.

Early morning through the window. We'll definitely return.