I usually keep politics out of this blog—it’s always been family friendly—but the Stupak-Pitts amendment has me so mad I’m sputtering and I have to let it out somewhere.

If you haven’t been paying attention, this amendment to the House’s recently passed health care reform act bans the public option from offering enrollees abortion coverage even when 100% paid for with their own money. The Hyde amendment, which has banned use of federal money to pay for abortions since 1976, wasn’t good enough for the Catholic bishops and right-wing males who seem to think women don’t deserve an equal access to legal, approved healthcare. We are once again second class citizens.

This is big, interfering government—the expressed bane of the men who support this legislation—at its worst.

Not only do I resent males legislating against women for any reason, I especially resent their pious hectoring about an issue that is so personal, so painful, and so female. So here’s a suggestion: The women’s caucus of both parties in both House and Senate should pledge to support an amendment that bans insurance coverage of all medications and procedures affecting the male reproductive system, procedures like sterility testing, PSA screenings, and prostate treatments,—not forgetting of course, Viagra.

Fair’s fair after all.