Sunriver celebration

We’d been home just a few days when a friend called to offer their Sunriver timeshare for a week, so naturally we said yes—especially since the timeframe included Ray’s birthday and there was plenty of room for the rest of our little family.

We arrived on Thursday in time to get groceries and clothing put away before Jennifer, Jeff, and Melina came through the door. The next day we all went to the High Desert Museum, spending several hours poking through indoor exhibits and walking about the outdoor “live” displays, visiting with settlers, a sheriff, a cowpoke, and more. It’s remarkably well done and if you haven’t been there we recommend a visit.

Most of the rest of our visit was spent walking and riding on Sunriver’s 35 miles of trails. Melina didn’t have a bike so they rented one for her—pink, with flowers and training wheels—and ended up taking it home. In typical Melina fashion she rode several miles the first day and did it again on Sunday, never allowing anyone to help her up or down the hills. “I can do it myself,” is her motto and you’d better not interfere.

The mild weather and mostly sunny skies held throughout our stay. Ray’s birthday was celebrated with homemake chocolate cake and ice cream on Saturday and with brunch at the Trout House on Sunday. JJM drove back to Portland that evening and we intended to follow the next morning. But the peace and quiet and beauty were too compelling so we came home Tuesday instead.

Now what shall we do?