Can it really be September?

Like everyone in Oregon we've been busy grabbing the last gasp of summer and spending as much time outdoors as possible. We didn't get nearly enough camping in this year but we did spend five days on the McKenzie two weeks ago—four of them with Jennifer and Melina. (Jeff was mountain biking with friends.)

The McKenzie River is an old friend, having hosted many family outings over the years, especially when we lived in Eugene. It had been years though, since we'd camped along its banks and it felt a little like returning home. The water, being near its source and thus newborn, didn't remember us, but some of the trees and rocks said hello. Here are a few photos from that trip.

(Apologies for the weird spacing. There's something going on with the programming . . .)

Clear Lake is the river's source. Ray worked very hard at rowing.

Picnicking beside the lake. At 34–39 degrees (F) it's too cold to swim in.

Just-picked huckleberries in pancakes—yummy.

Getting ready for a hike. "Is that boot on, Melina?"

Melina the climber.

Hollow logs are child magnets.

Another day, another log.

Sahalie Falls.

Footbridge along the trail.

Tamolitch pool, where the river emerges from a lava flow,
and our trail ends.