The universe calls a halt

We went to the Country Fair on Friday, the first one we’d been to in years. It was a fun day filled with wonderful costumes, excellent food, and good entertainment, made better by being with JJM, even if they hadn’t gotten enough sleep the night before. Ray took his camera but forgot the battery so you’ll have to take my word for it that there were many things to see.

Yesterday we went to the Lavender Festival, a repeat of our favorite festival outing of last year. This time Ray deliberately left his camera behind, which is too bad because he might have snapped my pratfall as I stepped backwards into a low rock wall and did what felt like a slow-mo tumble onto the grass, hitting my head on a rattan chair on the way down.

I am perfectly fine though, Earth and thick grass being a fine receiver of falling bodies. But it was embarrassing to reveal my klutziness to so many strangers, who immediately rushed to help. It reminded me of the time in the early sixties when I was racing to catch a San Francisco city bus—in heels of course. Tripping over a badly mended pothole on Powell street I found myself sprawled face down in front of an oncoming cable car. Now that was embarrassing.

I should have been prepared for yesterday’s tumble since I’ve been tripping all over myself this week, over planning, over preparing, over scheduling and over worrying. This kind of compulsion leaves no room for the Universe to play in and eventually it will find some way to remind us to just stop. At least that’s my theory.

The next five days, therefore, are hereby designated Play Days, with no to-dos, shoulds, or have-tos allowed. It is summer, after all. Want to join me? Even pratfalls allowed.