Happy Independence Day!

Okay, I confess, the photo was taken in France. If you look closely you can see the towers of Carcassonne. But after all, if it hadn't been for the French we might have lost the revolutionary battle to the British, and then where would we be?

Oh yeah, we'd have universal health care.

Well, Happy 4th of July anyway. Despite its faults and failings, the United States remains the dream of oppressed people everywhere, and though it's not true that everyone wants to move to America, it is true, I think, that people around the globe look to America for its amazing Constitution, its equality, and its promise of a better life—and of course its star obsessed culture. Enjoy your celebration, and then get back to work helping to make all of us more free, more equal, more educated, more tolerant, more helpful, and just plain smarter in every way.