Tasks trounced by terminated technology

Our laptop, which is my primary writing tool, died a couple of weeks ago. Strictly speaking, the hard drive refused to boot and, using an obnoxious vocabulary of clunks, knocks and squeals, complained loudly of mistreatment. We gave it several opportunities to return to work but it refused to cooperate and finally had to be removed. Then we ordered a new disk online and waited for delivery.

When it finally arrived Ray installed it. It sounded fine but the computer wouldn't recognize it. "Must be a bad disk," we said, and the online tech agreed. We returned the disk and waited again for the second delivery. Ray installed it. Same thing. He even removed it and reinstalled it. No action.

Friday he drove it to the Apple store. "No problem," said the tech. "Sometimes that happens and I have a magic formula to make it work again." Our hopes rose on hearing this but alas, his magic failed—maybe it's Mercury retrograde—and the laptop is now awaiting transportation to Portland where eventually someone will examine it and call to give us the bad news.

This, then, is my over-long excuse for the recent lack of blog entries. Also, my schedule has been shot to hell with entertaining guests (who were very welcome, btw), getting our garden in, completing a layout job, and finalizing a new edition and printer for Tea and Bee's Milk (soon to be distributed through Ingram and orderable (is that a word?) by any bookstore anywhere, including Great Britain). And of course like a lot of you we've been spending far too much time watching the economy slide and the terrorism debate escalate. We're not happy with Obama's support of "indefinite detention," but will leave that for another day.

Have a safe, sunny, and happy Memorial Day and with any luck the laptop will be repaired and back home by the end of the month. Either that or I'll be looking for a used IBM Selectric.