That lazy old sun

An unfamiliar object appeared in our skies this weekend. After some discussion we concluded it was the sun, so we took our winter-weary bodies out of the house and onto the roads to see what we could see.

That glorious warm sun shone down on us as we putt-putted along north valley roads. It caressed the blossoms on the plum and cherry trees and warmed the sap in the filberts and hazelnuts. It gilded thousands of yellow daffodils. It beat down on the bent backs of workers in the Monrovia orchards and coaxed passengers from their cars to stare at the river from the Wheatland ferry. And it heated the streets of McMinneville so much that people actually sat at outdoor tables to eat and imbibe.

This was a working trip of sorts so we called on a couple of bookstores and made arrangements to do readings/signings/workshops/slideshows; one in Salem and one in McMinnville, with firm dates to follow.

We hear the sun is going away soon but that it will reappear in the not too distant future. We are skeptical but hopeful. Enjoy it while you can.