Bragging Rights

We aren't often invited to be "honored guests," but Tuesday evening found us in that esteemed role at the local book club. Writers too often write into a void, without anonymous reader feedback (except on the Web), so we were curious to hear what these readers would say about Tea & Bee's Milk. I'm not sure what we expected, but the positiveness was rather overwhelming. They liked the writing, they liked the stories, they felt as though they'd been along with us. It's hard to know how to reply to such effusion.

Most encouraging to me were the number of people saying that as a result of the book they now had a more positive view of Turkey, its culture, and even the Moslem religion. More fun though, was hearing about how they laughed out loud while reading it.

The discussion ended with the insistence that we send the book off to Oprah immediately. That —and the baklava—made my day.

Okay, I'm done now. You can quit gagging.