It's pretty, but . . .

we're ready for it to stop! Ice yesterday, snow this morning. Major highways across Oregon are closed, making it near impossible to get to the coast from the Portland/Salem area or through the Columbia Gorge. We were expecting seven (including us) for Christmas dinner; it's looking more like it might be only two.

Here are some photos from the weekend. The trees were bent by the ice.)

On a totally different topic, if you're curious about where your bailout money is going, click on the Pro Publica widget in the right-hand column. Look's every bank in America's grabbing something.

And on yet another topic, in regard to the August 2 posting here about the six-degrees of separation theory: Jennifer has met Jane Lubchenko, the new head of NOAA, which puts Ray and I three degrees from Barack and Michelle Obama. And you, therefore, four?