Catching up (again)

Amazing times. Bush gets shoes tossed at him, and Obama is criticized for not being transparent enough—by Cheney!

Here in Monmouth things are much more straightforward. We have snow and ice on the ground and the sun is shining. It was quite beautiful before we had to go out and drive in it, but we made it safely to our destination and home again. The sun pouring in our south-facing windows is helping because our heater decided to quit working this morning. The repairman is coming tomorrow morning and in the meantime we have our gas fireplace and a space heater to keep us warm.

Also today, as Ray was warming up his lunch the microwave often stopped. Just dead stopped, including the clock, the light, everything. Hmmm, sounds like electrical failure. So we flipped all the switches in the electrical box—nothing going. That repair will have to wait until after Christmas.


I realize it’s been over a month since I last wrote but you have to appreciate that we’ve been busy. We finally got a paperback version of our book, Tea and Bee’s Milk, printed and available, and in the process I picked up several jobs doing book layout for other people and that has kept me really busy. Then of course we had Thanksgiving, and a trip to California, and the Christmas season is fast approaching. I won’t promise regular entries here but I will try to do better. But I confess I’m losing enthusiasm for this blog. There’s just not enough going on here to make for interesting writing—or reading! But check back occasionally anyway, you never know, we might move to Honduras or something.