Happy Birthday Ray!

Saturday was a beautiful fall day—just what we ordered for Ray's 70th birthday. The damp morning didn't stop the regular 10 a.m. Saturday ride, made more special by the attendance of Jennifer, Jeff, Melina and David. It was an easy 34 miles for our hero, who made it home in time to shower and change before his 23 guests began arriving.

As for the party itself, it's all a blur (though I swear I only had one glass of wine) and if I expressed an intelligent word during the entire three hours I'd be surprised. I know Ray had a great time, which is what counts, and I want to thank all of you for making the drive and spending the afternoon with us; it was wonderful having you here.

Among the things I forgot were putting candles on the cake and taking pictures, but at the last minute we remembered both, so for those who couldn't make it here are a few photos.

Jeff seemed to like the cake

Jerry, Sue, Marianne, Jim

The slides seemed to be a hit

Melina definitely liked the cake

Janet and Jo

Marianne and me

It's a party

Ray with "special" gift

Melina helps--it's a telescope--wow!

Then Ray was off to the WOU women's volleyball game with five others to watch an exciting--and winning--match against Central Washington. It was WOU's 14th consecutive win and a good way to end a great day (final scores: 21-25, 25-17, 25-22, 17-25, and 15-10).

And finally, for those who couldn't attend, here are a few milestones from Ray's first 70 years:

• Plaintiff in a suit to keep seven-story buildings off the Eugene ridgeline (1972)
• Worked to keep BiMart out of local neighborhood shopping center (1974)
• Worked to pass the Eugene noise ordinance
• Co-managed Emily Schue’s winning race for Eugene city councilor
• Board member, Oregon Lung Association; active in bringing Eugene its first clean-air ordinance
• Instrumental in forcing SP to make its Eugene Freight Office a nonsmoking office (1978)
• Founded the Willamette Flyway Century and ran it for 10 years with help from co-director Gary McKenney
• Won five bicycle races (1980s)
• Convinced auto dealers and apartment complexes to stop flying balloons near Goodpasture wetlands (1998)
• Had photographs published in local and national magazines
• Rode his bicyle twice from Eugene to San Francisco (650 miles in 6.5 days 1976; 11 days 1980)
• Raised $9,000 for the American Lung Association and participated in its Ride Across America (2000)
• Took six-month leave of absence and drove 18,000 miles through Europe and the USSR (1977)
• Took three-month leave of absence and traveled to France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal (1981)
• Turned two small failing shops into one success; sold it and went to Europe for six months (1985–1987)
• Co-published How to Plan Your Trip to Europe and sold 3000 copies (1996)
• Spent a year living in a Turkish village (1997)
• Drove 11,500 miles from Oregon to Belize (1998)
• Drove across the USA on highway 20 from Newport to Boston (1999)
• Owned a house in France (2000–2007)
• What’s next: co-publishing Tea and Bee’s Milk: Our Year in a Turkish Village

(I was chastised for forgetting his participation in the successful effort to keep a cell tower out of our Portland neighborhood (next to a school) and for leading the charge to end cut-through traffic on our narrow streets.)

Now, put October 18, 2018 on your calendar and we'll do it again. But don't wait until then to come see us!