We've done lots of car and canoe camping over the years but we'd never tried backpacking, much to Jennifer's distress. She was sure we'd love it, so we finally agreed on a short trip and went to lower Twin Lake (near Mt. Hood) last week with Jeff, Jennifer, and Melina, using borrowed equipment. It turned out to be much easier than expected. We loved the quiet and the fact that there wasn't a car in sight, but we did get tired of sitting on the ground. Here are a few photos from our two-day excursion.

It was a short, easy hike to Lower Twin Lake, about 2.5 miles of up, then down. Jeff ended up carrying Melina most of the way because she dawdled.

Checking the map and getting lots of help.

Lower Twin lake. Not spectacular, but pleasant and a good swimming hole. Ten Boy Scouts and their eleven adult companions showed up on Friday to take advantage of the swimming and log walking.

At three, Melina is already an old hand at camping.

We hiked to upper Twin Lake the next day, another 7/10 of a mile, then another few miles of meandering trails trying to find a better view of Mt. Hood. No luck though.

Lunch on the trail meant jays, so of course we broke a cardinal rule and fed them. Can you blame us? The only other wildlife seen were lots of deer coming through camp at night.