Don't fence me in...

We're still suffering from spring grayness here in Oregon so to escape our cabin fever we took off for the beach last week. We tried Lincoln City but gave up quickly. It has to be the ugliest town on the coast. So we drove north to Neskewin, which was a much better choice; nice little beach,

a cafe, a grocery, and some good beach walking. We'd already eaten, so the cafe went on our "next time" list and we headed to the grocery for some good Oregon Tillamook ice cream.

After more rambling around town we visited an art gallery in Lincoln City where I saw many things I liked but few I could afford—or even find room for. Then it was back to the valley in time to catch this photo of the field south of the house. It's been lovely this spring, with the grass as high as my shoulder and still growing. We love our view, but it's the housing slump and lousy economy that are partly responsible—one day it will be a sea of houses. In the meantime we'll enjoy the view.

In other news—at least it's news to us—we've just published our year-in-Turkey memoir—Tea and Bee's Milk—as an e-book on Amazon. If you have a Kindle reader please take a look. This is an experiment, so we welcome your feedback. Just click on the photo on the right for more info. And pass it on!