Back at last

Miss me?

Yes, it's true, Random Vectors has been on hiatus. I don't think it was missed much, but for those two of you who actually read this, I promise to do better. You can attribute the long pause to SAD, or simple depression, or boredom, or lack of inspiration, or compulsive attention to the Democratic primary season. Mostly, I think it was winter, which is pretty boring around here.

We knew it was over a few weeks ago when a pair of robins began building a nest in the eaves of the house just north of us. There's a spot where a downspout curves next to an eave, and it obviously looked like a perfect little hideaway. The robins got the nest half-built before two days of fairly high winds left the straw makings of it lying all over the driveway. Building appeared to cease and we thought they'd given up, but a week or two later they were trying again. Last week I walked over to take a look but most of the nest seemed to be on the ground and the birds were not to be seen.

This morning one lone robin is out on the driveway, picking up grass debris and holding it—just standing there with long wisps of weed in its mouth, wondering what to do. I watched for a long time while it stood pondering. Finally it flew up to the eave and is now busily stuffing its valuable find into another half-built nest. So far this morning I've seen only one robin. Maybe the the other concluded this nesting business wasn't as good as advertised. I'll keep you posted.

In other news, I've committed myself to getting one article or query in the mail each week and so far, after one week, I've managed to stay on task. We'll see. I'm also working on a writing-based website for myself and I'll let you know when it's up. Don't hold your breath.

And next weekend we're heading up to McMinnville for the annual UFO festival that celebrates a 1950s sighting. Watch for my report here, with photos of real aliens!