Super Duper Tuesday

Today is Super Tuesday in America, where 24 states are holding primary elections for president and it’s Fat Tuesday too so they are celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans and they had a ticker tape parade in New York for the winners of the Super Bowl but it wasn’t really ticker tape it was confetti. And this is the Tuesday before my first writing class tomorrow that I’ve been looking forward to and it’s the Tuesday that I cleaned the sinks in the bathroom and then spent most of the day knitting because I’m still recovering from a bout of food poisoning on Saturday evening that was not pleasant and I don't have much energy and it’s the Tuesday that Ray has gone to the dentist again because also on Saturday evening he slipped in the bathroom and broke two front teeth and it’s the Tuesday that the insurance company didn’t reimburse as much as they were supposed to and Ray had to call them again and complain and it’s the Tuesday after the night that the cat we are babysitting got out and we didn’t know it and he had to throw himself at the front door to be heard after we’d gone to bed and we wondered what the heck that noise was and where was the cat and I opened the front door and there he was and it’s the Tuesday that I listened to an online interview with a woman about the Mayan calendar and I doubted a lot of it but found it interesting anyway and it’s the Tuesday that I heard that a little town up the river from Salem called Detroit has 12 feet of snow which is unheard of and it's this Tuesday's election that has me so curious and excited that I don’t care about any of this I can hardly wait for the returns to start coming in but now the sun is coming in and that’s almost as good since we’ve hardly seen it since November.

So, how’s your day going?