New year, new hopes

Happy New Year everyone. I don't know about you but I have high hopes for 2008. For one thing, it's the last twelve months of Bush's presidency and for that I'll be happy every day of the year.

As I write they are voting in New Hampshire, and its encouraging to see such large turnouts and such enthusiasm for the candidates. Since the Oregon primary doesn't happen until May we won't have a voice in choosing our nominee—it will surely be over by then—so all we can do is watch the fun. I think the Democrats have a solid group to choose from and I'm counting on the them winning in November. This makes me more optimistic about our country than I have been in a long time.

Meanwhile, here in mighty Monmouth we stay tucked inside watching the rain fall. Over the weekend it fell sideways, while the wind pounded at the windows demanding to be let in. We pretended we weren't at home and after 36 hours it finally blew away. But not for long.

We have company in our tucked-in state, in the body of a fat cat named Ollalie. He belongs to Jennifer and he's visiting for the winter to give Jeff some relief from his allergies. We love Ollalie, but we're hoping his visit won't be too long. So far he's barfed on the rug, clawed the chair and come near to biting me when I tried to move him out of my favorite chair (which is now his favorite chair). Moving him isn't easy because he's a big furry ball with no good handles and he weighs about 22 pounds.

We don't blame him too much though; he can't go outside and I'm sure he misses Melina crawling all over him and pulling his tail. All three of us are hoping his "vacation" will be a short one.