Christmas Past

We had a busy and entertaining Christmas. Our granddaughter Melina, at two-and-a-half, is beginning to understand the concepts “presents” and “Santa,” and after a little encouragement she ripped into the wrapping paper with gusto and graciously accepted every gift as her due. This pro-consumption exercise is doubtless negative in the long term—but in the short term it was great fun to watch.

Our Christmas was Greek flavored this year as Jeff’s mother, who was visiting from Boston, made wonderful spanakopita for our buffet dinner. She also gave us a Greek cookbook that I’ve spent this morning happily perusing, imagining sunshine and outdoor cafes, while the wind and rain pounded on our south-facing windows. I haven’t yet tried the recipes, but The Olive and The Caper, by chef and anthropologist Susanna Hoffman, makes delightful reading. Thank you Barbara!

We arrived home from Portland on Wednesday. Home is still an exciting new concept. It was lovely to open the door to our own house and see everything just as we’d left it. Not traveling, not house-sitting, not renting—it has its compensations. Of course the French house also waited for us, but that was different somehow; despite our desire to make it more, it never graduated from being “just” a holiday house.

We both wish you continued Happy Holidays, and a glorious 2008.