How did it get to be November 15th?

Yes, I know I’ve been very lax in posting but you have to understand that we’ve been busy. After we decided we were only going to rent, we fell in love with a little house in a new development (pardon me, that’s “a New Traditional Neighborhood”) in Monmouth, Oregon and we bought it.

The new neighborhood

And we waited and waited.

And we moved in.

And all that takes time.

While we were waiting for the house to close we spent most of our time in the Casita in Tangent, parked behind the McClennan’s house (thanks guys!) while they went to Arizona.

[I won’t tell you how we made a mess of their lawn trying to move the Casita and Seaton had to pull it out with the tractor after they got home.]

We also spent a week at South Beach campground on the Oregon coast, cooling our heels and being ever so impatient. We finally moved in a week early, with the builder’s blessing, and it was a great relief to all.

The house

So we’re into our third week here and we love the house. It has good south and west light (aka winter sunshine), lots and lots of storage, and it’s “green,” with bamboo floors, excellent insulation, tankless hot water, energy-efficient appliances and even a few luxuries, like a jetted bathtub and gas fireplace. We are one of four “cottages” on this lot so we’ll have close neighbors when the other three houses are sold, but this feels rather European to us and is a better use of the former farmer’s land than an extensive lot that we’d have to plant and worry about.

They have landscaped around us but we plan to add lots of potted shrubs and flowers in the spring. There are community gardens available but we arrived to late to get one next year, so it will be veggies in pots on the back porch if we want anything fresh.

We’re still learning about the neighborhood and the community and we still feel a little out-of-sync with the real world but our new life is gradually coming together. My walks through this neighborhood are no match for my daily stroll through the Val de Dagne, but there are compensations. Some days they feel like meager ones, and other days quite grand. Like everything in life, it’s a process and we’re making our way through it—happily for the most part.

Our view to the south