Another Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I like it for its nondenominational, nonpolitical ideals, and because it’s one of the few holidays that Commerce has not managed to mangle and shred; nor have the neocons found a way to dismantle it. I read somewhere that giving thanks every day was one of the best things you could do for your health so I'm glad there's at least one day set aside to remind us of how much we have and how good life is, even when it isn't.

Here in Monmouth the sun was bright and the air was clear on Thanksgiving morning and the sunshine hung around all day, pouring into our south-facing dining-room windows and warming the house with golden light.

We’d just put the turkey in the oven—our first real test of convection cooking—when Jennifer, Jeff, and Melina arrived, bringing Jennifer’s famous homemade cranberry sauce, scalloped potatoes with goat cheese, and pumpkin pie. At 4:45 the turkey was beautifully done, and at 5:30 we squeezed around our little table and enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving meal. It was the first time in years that I’d cooked a turkey, and eleven years since we’d used mom’s white ironstone china and our just-polished wedding-present silver candleholders.

Melina loved the asparagus salad and gravy, and I loved the roasted veggies. The turkey, dressing, and cranberry sauce were praised by all, and the potatoes were sinfully rich and delicious. It was a small celebration, but a good one, and we hope yours was too.

I would post photos but no one took any—can you believe it?

The next day we all slept late and then went to nearby Basket Slough Wildlife Refuge to see the thousands of geese and other species wintering here. It was another sunny day and this time Ray had his camera. (Click on the image to enlarge.)

A Snowy Egret

Trumpeter Swans

Dusky Canada Geese?

Several thousand Canada geese