Sweet desert

We had a good 12-day trip to southeast Oregon, visiting one of our favorite places and discovering a few new roads. The quiet of the desert is the perfect respite from this crazy life and crazier world. I often think I could live there but then it wouldn't be a respite. And one can’t live everywhere and do everything—though we keep trying.

During our 10 days in that remote corner of the state no less than six Casitas passed through our campground, an almost unheard of coincidence. Of course one was the McLennan’s and one was ours, but it still felt like a convention.

One of the best things about this part of the state is the abundance of birds and other wildlife. Early fall is a slow time for birds, but we did see quail, egrets, buzzards, hawks, and two big golden eagles beside the road. We also spotted coyotes, deer, antelope, jackrabbits, a bull snake, and even a big badger that boldly marched across the road in front of us.

Currently our view is of the trees and flowers behind our beneficent friends’ house in Tangent, while we look for a place to rent while we look for a place to buy—or not. We'll let you know how it goes.