A foldable life

We spent most of last week cleaning, folding and packing, preparing to leave our Longview house-sit. Packing is now routine, but it never gets easier. We can’t blindly shove things into a suitcase because we always have more than one destination. This time it was suitcases for camping around Europe, cool-weather clothes for two weeks in Portland, and beach clothes and dishes and food and more, for the Casita and our trip to the Oregon coast. And then there’s all that left-over “stuff,” that inevitably means a trip to storage. How we acquire so much detritus is a mystery, but it collects, it collects.

Our foldable vase

Whatever. We are pretty good at the folding part, and don’t really mind the packing and cleaning. It’s all these destinations that are getting us down. In the last five months we’ve gone from France to Portland to Chico to San Francisco to Monterey to Portland to Maui to Portland to Pullman to Portland to Longview to Rice, Texas to Longview. And points between.

That’s a lot of folding.

Now that we’ve sold the French house we expect our time in the US to be one long trailer day while we search for the perfect location to permanently park our “stuff.” Permanent is a word that’s been missing from our lexicon, and we both hope we can find it again. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be in one place for a year or more. Doesn’t shopping in the same stores, going to the same doctor or dentist, seeing the same neighbors, the same streets, the same furniture, get boring? What does one do with all that time not spent sorting and storing and packing and folding?

I guess if we get too bored we can take up hobbies. I think I’d be good at origami.