Day 4--Longview, Washington to Rice, Texas

Sweetwater, Texas, Day 4--652 miles (2049 Ks) for the day, 2389 miles (3844 Ks) total, 254 miles (408 Ks) to our destination. Today was such a bizarre day it deserves special comment.

Just east of El Paso on Interstate 10 East, with Karen driving in the fast lane (70 mph limit), we noticed another car ahead of us in the fast lane. This one was BACKING UP to enter an exit lane. Karen quickly turned into the slow lane, easily avoiding the backing car. We shudder to think what happened behind us.

About two hours later in the desert along the same highway we passed a man with a 10-foot white cross over his shoulder, dragging it along the highway shoulder. We concluded he was practicing for Easter.

Around 6 pm on Highway 20 East the road surface turned to ice. Everyone slowed to about 30 mph though we saw a terrible wreck on an overpass with two cars turned upside down. Also involved was a trailer truck and another vehicle. After two more accidents we decided it was time for us to duck into a motel.

Joanne and Seaton are about 600 miles behind us and expect to catch up late Thursday.

Tomorrow with luck we will arrive in Rice to pick up our new 17' Casita on Friday.

Submitted by Ray