More travels with la Casita

Delta, Utah——We kept searching for adjectives. “Amazing” was our default, though beautiful, unbelievable, stunning, awesome and wow! were close seconds. Frankly, nothing seemed good enough. Nature has outdone herself here in the four-corners region, and by the time we’d driven from Santa Fe, NM to Goosenecks State Park (Utah) to Canyonlands National Park and on to Arches NP we were overcome by the oversaturated reds and oranges and ocres that color this landscape. Like a tourist trying to view the entire contents of the Louvre in one day, we were numb and could take no more.

We were lucky to be here at a time when the broad skies were blue and clear and visibility was endless. This was our third trip into the canyonlands and never have we been able to see so far with such detail. Even the snowcapped Rockies far to the east were etched and brilliant in the sunshine. We love the peace and splendid emptiness of this landscape, and will certainly return. I doubt we will ever see it more lovely.

Joanne and Seaton left us after Canyonlands to head for Zion and more breathtaking splendor, but we didn’t want the additional long drive, so opted to head west into Nevada. We may meet up with them further north as we get closer to Oregon. Meanwhile, we head out today (Friday) on highway 50, billed by Nevada as “the loneliest road in America.” We’ve been on it before and can pretty much agree. After all this splendor though, the simply pretty will be a welcome relief.

Here are some photos from the last leg.