Snow scenes

I write from Pullman, where there are three inches of fresh snow on the ground and more expected. We are here house sitting and caring for two skitterish cats, Jack and Kisu. When we did this two years ago it took five days for them to warm to us. We’re hoping for better things this time.

On the way here we paused in Gresham and bought a minivan to pull the new Casita trailer we are purchasing. We have been mulling this over for a couple of years and finally took the plunge. We take delivery February 15, but we must drive to Rice, Texas to pick it up. I have driven across Texas several times and the thought does not excite me. We may, however, have company on our drive, as good friends are also considering a purchase. More on that later.

From Pullman we head back to Portland to take up another house-sitting gig in Longview, Washington until the last week of March. We also made our reservations for France this morning and will leave here April 8. The return is schedule for October 8 but that could change if the house sells in the meantime.

What we’ll do after that is an open question.