Hilltop blues

Snow still covers the ground here in Pullman, though the sun is out today and the temperatures have risen to a full 18 degrees. The snow is dry powder so when a light breeze tossed it into the air this morning, it flashed like tiny silver spangles across the sky. Despite the beauty we are ready for it to be gone. The house we're staying in sits atop a hill so going anywhere requires a drive up or down a slippery slope. Except for a couple of necessary trips for groceries we've been hibernating with Jack and Kisu, the two neurotic cats who, like us, would much prefer to be outdoors.

Today, however, we're venturing out to lunch at a Pullman restaurant called Swilly's, where we hope to find a decent meal and an accompanying glass of wine. Pullman is so small that if the slippery slope does us in we can always walk home.

Too bad the slippery slope Bush has us on in Iraq isn't as easy to resolve.