December rush

After a month enjoying sunny skies and moderate temperatures in California we arrived back in Portland on Sunday. Since then we’ve been rushing from here to there, trying to get everything done before we head to Hawaii for Christmas. This year gifts will be kept to a minimum and most of our shopping was done before we left France. But for some reason that hasn’t put an end to errands and shopping.

Being back in Portland has meant lots of rain and wind—especially since the “biggest storm since 1993” hit the Northwest on Thursday. Despite being surrounded by blackouts our electricity stayed on, and while the wind howled outside the four of us watched Blade Runner. Melina slept through it all.

Finally, if you find the latest entries uninspired, you aren’t alone—so do I. With all the travel and visiting and the constant indecision around our future plans, it’s been hard to focus. And we’ve spent much of the last week debating whether to purchase a 17-foot Casita travel trailer.

Now the sound of Melina’s footsteps overhead mean she and her dad have returned from breakfast, so it’s time to get up and get going. More later.