Our winter schedule

It would be nice to say we blew into Portland with the Pineapple Express, which was warming up the Northwest with heavy rain and warm winds. Alas, we flew into Portland on Horizon Air, delayed as usual but safely delivered after a long and tiring journey.

Jet lag and culture shock were more severe than usual but we are settling in now and feeling reasonably normal. It's wonderful to be back with family.

Our schedule through January is busy but I'll try to post occasionally. In the meantime, here's where we'll be, if you're wondering:

November 15 & 16, Eugene
November 17–December 12, California
December 19–29, Maui, Hawaii
December 31–January 2, Longview, WA
January 7–23, Pullman, WA (approx)

No plans jet for February or March. We return to France in late March, with future plans uncertain, as usual.