It's August, and we are settling into our new home in Portland. This is a big change for us after the quiet, peace and beauty of Central Oregon, but the city has its charms as well, and while it will take time to be comfortable here, I know that will come. And its bound to provide lots of new writing topics.

I've not blogged in sometime due to the move, which was mostly on me due to Ray's illness. But things are coming together and I hope to be back to a writing routine before much longer. 

In the meantime I watch as Turkey suffers through a coup and its aftermath, and Russia's Putin "likes" Trump. The world seems a stranger, more precarious place than it did a few years ago. We all wait to see what happens next.

Thanks for visiting, and may the remainder of your summer be fantastic!


Camping with the Communists and Tea and Bee's Milk are available in both ebook and paperback versions on Amazon; or find them at your favorite online or local bookstores. And thank you!











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About Tea & Bee's Milk:

If you've ever thought of "escaping" to some remote place, [Tea & Bee's Milk] will certainly give you the courage and perspective to live your dream. As you near the final pages, you'll find yourself wising they'd stay a bit longer, linger just a bit more, head out to the islands just once again. It is a book you'll more than enjoy!      —Charles S

About Camping with the Communists:

An intelligent and enjoyable book filled with history, culture, adventure, and a dash of politics. A great addition to the genre of travel writing, but this book has even more to offer because it was written with honesty, sensitivity, a sense of humor.    —Dave W.