The photo at right is my husband and co-author Ray Gilden, taken in 2009. Ray passed away on February 2, 2018. As an unknown Twitter follower wrote after reading our books, "he was an amazing man." 

That my life has changed dramatically is obvious. But how it will continue to change is still unknown. Ray filled my life with joy. My job now, is to find a way to allow joy to continue to infuse my life. That feels like an insurmountable effort at the moment, but I have no doubt that joy will return—different yes, but joy nonetheless.

I'll be writing about these changes and more, on the blog and elsewhere. Thank you for reading, and for your support.


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About Tea & Bee's Milk:

If you've ever thought of "escaping" to some remote place, [Tea & Bee's Milk] will certainly give you the courage and perspective to live your dream. As you near the final pages, you'll find yourself wising they'd stay a bit longer, linger just a bit more, head out to the islands just once again. It is a book you'll more than enjoy!      —Charles S

About Camping with the Communists:

An intelligent and enjoyable book filled with history, culture, adventure, and a dash of politics. A great addition to the genre of travel writing, but this book has even more to offer because it was written with honesty, sensitivity, a sense of humor.    —Dave W.