I went with my daughter to Sitka, Alaska last week. She was going for business, I tagged along. 

It was a great week, full of history and glorious scenery and an abundance of wildlife. We gave up counting bald eagles, there were so many. 

This was a good start to the summer as I slowly come to terms with life without Ray. I've a few more short trips lined up and a series of events to attend here in Portland. Life is different, but the sadness shrinks a little each day and I've much to look forward  to.

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 Russian Orthodox Church in Sitka, Alaska

Russian Orthodox Church in Sitka, Alaska


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About Tea & Bee's Milk:

If you've ever thought of "escaping" to some remote place, [Tea & Bee's Milk] will certainly give you the courage and perspective to live your dream. As you near the final pages, you'll find yourself wising they'd stay a bit longer, linger just a bit more, head out to the islands just once again. It is a book you'll more than enjoy!      —Charles S

About Camping with the Communists:

An intelligent and enjoyable book filled with history, culture, adventure, and a dash of politics. A great addition to the genre of travel writing, but this book has even more to offer because it was written with honesty, sensitivity, a sense of humor.    —Dave W.